Silverline Cloud Voice from Bluecube

So what exactly is hosted voice and how will it benefit my business?

More businesses than ever are opting to replace legacy on-site (PBX) phone systems with a hosted voice alternative. This brings many benefits:

  • Low capital expense
  • Fully scalable
  • Significantly lower call charges
  • Feature rich functionality
  • Bespoke packages feauture & call packages
  • More effective call management

What do I need to run Silverline?

A Silverline hosted voice solution will need a suitable & stable internet connection. Bluecube will help to ensure that a suitable connection is available or offer an alternative if good connectivity at your business address is not available.

What are the costs?

For a limited time £12.95+VAT per month will get you a high specification IP phone on your desk with the following features inlcluded:

  • Unity Lite - desktop call control software
  • 3 way call conferencing
  • Call transfer
  • Basic call logs
  • Hot desk guest option


  • DR planning for voice
  • Hacking defence
  • Management of moves & changes
  • Optimise use of PC & mobile devices

How Cloud PBX adds value across the whole business


  • Easy call management
  • Auto or managed overflow team

Customer Service

  • Call queues to improve customer experience at busy times
  • Welcome/Comfort messages
  • Queue & hunt group management facility
  • Improve customer retention


  • Record and listen back to managers internal calls
  • Managers often considered to be the main catalyst for inefficiency & disaffection within the general staff and management style can be supported with training


  • Record staff for training
  • Record call to protect staff from abuse
  • Provide flexible working; General, Maternity, Off colour but not ill, Reduce staff churn, Reduce sick days

How Hosted/Cloud based PBX solutions can help your business

  • Low cost call recording
  • Mobile extension/mobile convergence
  • Device options include desk phones, PC soft phones, smart phones & tablet apps
  • Advanced call reporting results in fewer missed calls & better customer experience
  • Office worker, home worker, remote worker integration
  • Credit locking , anti-fraud protection
  • Low or no capex
  • Portal management & line reporting
  • IP Services
T41P IP Phone

Not every cloud solution has a silver lining, but ours does