Ecco Shoes UK

Case Study

Ecco Shoes are a brand that can be found on most busy High Streets across the UK. When Bluecube approached Ecco Shoes about their business communications they were in the process of reviewing their landline and ADSL services across all of the 80+ stores, distribution centres and offices within the UK.

James Killington, UK Operations Manager at Ecco, was looking at an offer to renew his existing agreement with a provider the business had been with for some years. They were being offered a discount on line rental if they committed to a further 24 month agreement period. Bluecube were given an opportunity to look at the services Ecco required and investigate alternatives. "Bluecube found us a deal using two providers, that saved us 24% on our landlines calls and line rentals and offered substantial savings on our ADSL services" commented James. "The fact that our services improved, our day to day support improved and the fault reporting service was transformed dramatically for the better, was a huge additional bonus" he added.

The fact that Ecco's ADSL and landline services were being delivered across two providers was not an issue either. Bluecube’s service desk offered a common interface for the customer. Whether Ecco had an ADSL query to resolve or a question regarding their landlines, they either logged a call online with the Bluecube Service Desk or via a call to the service desk direct number. Whichever way the call was logged, the customer was guaranteed resolution within 24 hours. Bluecube are now looking at options for Ecco’s mobile phone fleet and IT service provision.

"Bluecube offered us significant savings, but the decision to move was not entirely cost based. Bluecube's own service desk and the service provider they chose to use for our ADSL & landline solution, offer us total support for services that are essential for the day to day running of our business."

James Killington,
UK Operations Manager, Ecco Shoes UK