About us

Bluecube simplify the complex world of business communications to help you make an informed choice.

About us

At Bluecube we believe that it doesn't matter how large or small your business is or the kind of business you are in, good business starts with clear communication. We also believe that good communication depends on good connectivity and that's why we make sure we get that part right!

By delivering fast and reliable connectivity we are able to offer our clients communication solutions that give them the cutting edge. We all use mobiles, landlines and the internet to communicate but are we using them the smart way? Bluecube are here to create a solution that meets your business requirements, budget and gives you a business communication solution to shout about. For business mobile services, business internet services, phone systems and office landline or VoIP services… speak to the team at Bluecube! Bluecube operate across the UK including London, Manchester, Sheffield, Lincoln, Leicester, Grimsby, Hull, Liverpool and Birmingham.

We know that creating a communications solutions for your business often means using multiple providers and that can be a headache for customers. You may get a bill for your business mobiles, a bill for your landline services and another bill or bills for your internet services.

Bluecube have partner agreements with the UK's major communication providers, we provide solutions for our customers using multiple providers but billed and managed as a single Bluecube solution. Crucially, if problems do occur there is no disputing who is responsible for resolving them!

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Mission Statement

At Bluecube we don't believe businesses should have to ask twice to get an answer, we don’t think customers should have to wait or sit on hold to get an issue resolved and we don’t think a communications advisor should be a faceless robot in a call centre. That's why our mission is simply to provide first class business support for quality assured business communication solutions provided by real people!

Our Vision & Values

Quality – All of the products and services that Bluecube provide are "business grade" and managed by Bluecube's own service desk to ensure quality of service.

Simplicity – Technology in the communications sector is fast changing and complex, we understand that not every organisation has the technical staff to make sense of and keep up with it. Bluecube help you to understand your solution and the solutions available to your business with a common sense and non-jargon approach to doing business.

Trust – We don’t just want to be your communications provider, Bluecube strive to become the communications partner for every one of our clients.

One Bill... One Service Desk...

Customer surveys have revealed that the main draw to Bluecube for existing clients is our ability to offer a single service desk for all of their office communications. Clients like the fact that Bluecube might provide voice services via BT, internet via Virgin and mobile via Vodafone for example, but give them one number and one service desk to log their query with.

At Bluecube we also provide our customers with one clear and informative bill for all of their business communication services. Clients can access their billing information online and can receive an invoice via email (PDF) or on paper. Unbilled call information can be accessed via the Bluecube billing portal as well as a complete archive of historic Bluecube invoices. The Bluecube bill manager tool gives clients a comprehensive reporting tool to help to control and monitor costs.

It's not a complicated formula but it is actually quite rare! Bluecube make it simple for customers to communicate with us and to get issues resolved quickly and effectively. Our service desk tracks every ticket to ensure queries are dealt with promptly and that the customer is kept informed as the ticket progresses. Having said that… at Bluecube we like to talk to you just as much as you want to be able to speak to someone when you have a problem!

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